Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still in Georgia!!!!

Just a short entry here. I got back to Lisa and the kids last Friday. Our plan was to get going on Tuesday, but unfortunately one of our engines had different plans!!
Yesterday we pulled the engine off and sent it to a local Yamaha dealer. Looks as if we need a new ignition coil, a warranty issue, so we are here for a couple more days.
Today we took the time to put up our solar-powered Christmas Lights. We'd show you how they look at night, but not long after we hung them, the skies clouded over and we had rain and 38kts of wind. It will be clearer and cooler tomorrow, so hopefully they will get a good charge.

So apart from troubleshooting the engine, loading up on groceries, trips to West Marine and getting a few other boat projects done, we are just hanging out and waiting to get our engine back so we can start moving south again.

Fingers crossed we get going on Friday, hopefully in Palm Beach by the end of next week, waiting for a weather window to get across to the Bahamas!!


Mark, Lisa, Delaney and Mitchell

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