Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting Close!

The departure date for the first leg of the trip is fast approaching. We will soon be posting our planned itinerary, but for now I thought I'd just bore you with some stuff from recent work on the boat (both Charlotte-Ann and Atlantic Osprey).

First regarding Charlotte-Ann. Last month when I was home I spent a few days up on the boat. No, she's not ready to go yet, but she's getting there! Thankfully Lisa and I learned from our first trip south that we shouldn't expect the boat to be 100% ready, EVER.

I did manage to get some pretty large projects completed, the biggest being the installation of our new engines.

We replaced the 12 year old original Evinrude 9.9's with brand new 2009 Yamaha T9.9's. Unlike the old engines the new ones have power tilt and trim, are lighter, quieter, more fuel efficient and use huge 11-3/4" props. We also replaced the controllers, tachs and start switches, as well as adding hour meters for maintenance purposes.

The other big project was replacement of the doghouse window. Anyone who has been on the boat can attest to how UV damaged it was, nearly impossible to see out it. We had a new window fabricated and Alan helped me install it. What a difference!! It actually makes the boat interior seem bigger.

Other projects included installation of custom made screens and privacy covers, new propane sensors, new batteries and battery monitor, holding tank level sensor (Pooh-Meter), fuel filters , new bottom paint and manual bilge pump. We also replaced the original 3" foam matress in mine and Lisa's cabin with a queen-size 10" Obus Forme memory foam mattress! Very nice!!

There are still a few more projects to do, the largest being the wave slap hull modification that is hopefully underway at this moment (right Dave??).

So things are coming together nicely.

Sounds as if we have the house rented, and much to Lisa's relief we don't have to move all our "stuff" out. We also have a home for Maceo, thanks brother Alan!

Lisa has all the info she needs from the kids teachers so with a little luck, patience and work both kids will return to school in 2010 a little smarter than they are right now.

Now as far as the "other" boat I mentioned, that one is Mark's home away from home, the Atlantic Osprey. I thought I had a nice picture of her, but I was

As most of you know, I am a Superintendent with Oceaneering, the largest ROV (remotely operated vehicle) company in the world. ROV's are those underwater robots that seem to be in the news and on Discovery Channel alot these days.

I am fortunate to work with the most talented, intelligent and good looking bunch of ROV guys in the WORLD!!!!

O.k, sorry, the good looking guys were off working on something else, so you get to look at a picture of this bunch!!
We operate out of St. John's , NL, doing underwater construction and maintenance work for Husky Energy out on the Grand banks. There is a total of 12 of us (1 Supt, 3 Supervisors and 8 Technicians) working 12-hr shifts, 28 days on then 28 days off .
Below is a short video of us recovering one of the ROV's (we have 2 onboard).

If you are curious about what we do, you can always go to

That's all for now.