Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Loving Jekyll Island (but missing daddy)!!!!

The kids and I are having a great time on Jekyll Island. The weather has been amazing, and we have met alot of wonderfull people. I'm not going to spend a lot of time writing in this blog, just thought I would share some photo's with you.
Entertaining is a big part of cruising, but when you come on Charlotte Ann 'you have to do the cooking'. (Thank you Phillip, Sasha, Chantelle and Corwin for showing us Jekyll Island).
Movie nights are a great way to end the day. Here is the three of us doing our preparations (Delaney doing the dishes, Mitchell setting up the movie, Mommy enjoying a drink!!!).
Quite often we would meet up with the Shlump's after lessons to do some exploring. Here we set out to find some shells (found our first whole Sand Dollar). Mitchell decided he would try to dig up an old Shrimp Boat that caught on fire and was beached back in 1995 (app.). Our only mistake on this adventure was not keeping our eye on the tide. We had to return via the forest as the beach was underwater. Mitchell didn't think we would make it, so when we got back he 'kissed the ground'!!!
One of the best parts about Jekyll Island Marina is enjoying a Sundowner, while seeing the most amazing sunsets ever! Here Diana (and Randy) are entertaining us.
Sometimes we need to get chores done....
But are able to enjoy a nice swim and hottub afterwards!!!!
Another day after lessons... kids enjoying the Ocean beach (just a bike ride away from the Marina).
Some of you may remember Mark and I being 'baby sat' on our last trip (on Connemara II) by the Ferencze's (Terry, Kim and Brynne). We met up with them eleven years ago when we were leaving Lake Ontario and pretty much sailed with them until North Carolina. We used to joke that our mom's paid them to make sure Mark and I were safe. Well, we have kept in touch all these years (they have had a few more trips south since then) and are now hoping to meet up with them when we leave Jekyll Island. They are currently in Florida getting their boat ready and should be heading to the Bahama's around the same time as us. They were able to take a break in their boat prepartions to come visit the kids and I on Jekyll Island. We had some lunch and then took a stroll to the beach.
Here Terry was riding Mitchell's bike...
Here Mitchell is saying "Give me my bike back!!!"
The kid's have spent a few craft sessions with Diana. Here they are working on a 'Thankfull Tree' for the US Thanks Giving.
And yet another day after lessons enjoying 'Driftwood Beach'.
OK Uncle Ron... this one is for you!!!!
Sometimes our school lessons are interrupted...
We have not only made human friends, but have become very close to Charlie the dog (although it is said that he is part human).
And here are his lovely owners... Lynne and Frank (Paco)
We were really excited to have a visit from Jodi, Steven, Beverley-Ann and Jacob (from Olverson's). We spent some time and the Sea Turtle Center, having a lovely dinner and exploring Driftwood Beach. They also joined us for Thanks Giving dinner at the marina.
Delaney and I also got to have our photo taken with this guy....
Our time at Jekyll is coming to an end, as Daddy flys home tomorrow and although we are sad to leave such a beautifull place we are excited to get to the Bahama's.