Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life on the boat while Daddy's gone to work!

So we have almost made it through the first month of Mark being gone. Being at Olverson's Marina has made it quite easy. We have all made some pretty good friends. Jodi and Stephen (the owner's daughter) live on the marina property. Jodi and I have really hit it off, having alot in common (we both like wine). Their children are pretty much the same ages as Delaney and Mitchell. We tend to have dinner together most nights (only way we can pull our kids away from playing and get them to eat). Mitchell and their son Jacob have built a skate boarding ramp together and have spent hours at a time on it. Their daughter, Beverly-Anne loves pets, having 2 dogs, a pony and a guinea pig.

We were able to celebrate Mitchell's 7th birthday up at the club house with some other "boat kids" (Chantelle and Corwin). We had pizza, cake and a pinata.

The kids and I also took advantage of being so close to Washington DC. We rented a car and spent two nights, three days exploring Washington. I highly recommend this trip to all families. There is so much to see.

Oh ya, I guess I should mention schooling. We have started our lessons, and are having alot of fun. The other kids are all at school through the week, so our only distraction is Uncle Pete who goes fishing every day and spends a couple of hours cleaning them at the end of our dock. He has taught me how to clean fish, and often provides us with supper for that night. Not that we haven't been having a great time, but I think we are all excited and anxious to start heading further south. Next stop.... Georgia!!!!!!!